ON TOUR FOREVER part IV day 308.10.2013

       Dean woke up crazy early to get the van in the shop by 8 AM. I however did not get up at 8 AM. Fuck that noise! We were pretty much at the mechanic’s mercy. However, Chief’s dad is friends with him and went down and let it be known that it was […]

ON TOUR FOREVER part IV Day 208.09.2013

I awoke with fuzzy memories of the end. The end of the last night that is. Dustin and I shared a bottle of Chardonnay and Dean rolled two joints. The dude that doesn’t even smoke weed rolled not one but two joints. He smokes Newports and never rolls anything. They were almost probably too amazing. […]

ON TOUR FOREVER part IV day 108.06.2013

Nice to be back. Last place we left off was quite a while ago, and as such, much has happened in the mean time. What you ask? Well we recorded our upcoming full length with Brant freaking Bjork in Joshua Tree, California. We did two more legs of touring across this vast terrain of land […]

ON TOUR FOREVER – DAYS 23, 24, 2511.28.2012

     We left San Diego in the morning and headed back to the majestic desert of Arizona, only this time it wasn’t for a show. We decided to drive and spend our day off in the high altitude and clean air of Flagstaff. Dustin lived there in a previous life and knew of some good […]

ON TOUR FOREVER – DAYS 19, 20, 21, 2211.26.2012

     All apologies for the lack of updates, dear readers, but you must understand; it’s hard out here for a pimp. I mean, it’s hard to keep current while on the roller coaster of tour. I think I might be better at it if I had my own computer, those thieving bastards. And nights get […]

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