I woke up again to the smell of breakfast. Kay was killing it on the food front. I was not in my usual bed, nor did I remember even going to bed. My wallet, phone and other pocket items were on the dresser next to me though. Glad that even in drunken states my muscle memory and reptilian hindbrain still remembered my routines. I went out to the kitchen and got down on some homemade hash browns and pancakes. I also had found some Cran-Grape juice the day before and had been steadily annihilating the container. Our next show was in Vegas so just after 1 pm we headed out into the great radioactive desert.
    Normally I hate Nevada. Well, hate is a strong word but I always get anxiety when crossing the border. It’s strange because the geography is beautiful. There is a lot of photogenic scenery but feelings of panic would always creep up my spine. Maybe it’s the nukes’ aftermath and I have radioactive allergies. But as of late we’ve been playing quite a bit in the Silver State. Driving into the city, observing the giant hotel fantasy land of New Vegas, I almost felt at ease and comfortable basking in the neon distraction. What the fuck?!
    We pulled onto the side of the Double Down after 7 and went inside for the scoop. Dive city man! It was empty but it looked awesomely seedy. Stickers and grime everywhere. Gambling at the bar and a small stage in the corner. Playing these kinds of places, you get an appreciation for even an ounce of spoiled. The bar tender told us we had some time to kill so we went looking for food and found a New York pizza joint in a strip mall. Everything is in a strip mall. Vegas is a giant strip mall. Much to my surprise, it was amazing. So amazing that I said we should make it our joint whenever we’re in town. The dude at the front was a goofy character, complete with ridiculous humor and a self-deprecating yearning. I may be reading into his personality too much, but his banter with us and other patrons made the shitty pop music on the speakers overhead a little more tolerable.
    Back at the venue it started to get popping! Apparently there was a beard and mustache show in town where dudes from all 50 states competed in what I would assume would be a ‘who had the most badass facial hair’ competition. The first band started and was a lot of fun. “All these amazing twirly mustaches,” I thought. It was becoming a giant shit show. The merch table was under attack by drunken fans and bathroom waiters. There wasn’t really a safe place to put it so various members were in charge of it’s safety. Then the second band, a punk band from Long Beach, started and the majority of people were still there. This was basically their show. A lot of dudes looked like they were in the same gang. It was getting late and we hoped to keep some of the audience by the time we went on.
    We loaded out at 3 AM and got on the road by 3:30, destination Bakersfield. We had a day off before Anaheim and had some chores to do in town. I was glad I wasn’t driving. Peter and Dean kick ass! I was awake and bullshitting with Aaron and got to watch the sunrise in the desert. It looked like the opening sequence in “No Country For Old Men.” The crescent moon was directly above the glowing mountain range. Very classy. I passed out and we got to Bako around 9 in the morning. Everyone filed in and went to sleep.
    Later in the afternoon, Dean and Aaron went on a mission for back-up fuses and 2×4’s from Lowe’s. The plan was to build a wall in the trailer to act as a cage for our luggage and miscellaneous belongings and separate our actual performance equipment from things we only need at night. I chilled and showered, did laundry and wrote a blog entry while Aaron and Chief manned up and took care of business. I came out at the end and saw the work of art. Nice job boys!
    The day off was much needed but at night there’s almost an anxiousness you feel when you don’t get to play music. It felt like when I was younger, living at home in the suburbs, watching TV and snacking on various shit. I felt restless and tired at the same time. Nothing to do but wait and try to go to bed sort of early. That night I slept on the floor under a 5 year old’s pink blankets. Thanks Nevaeh!

‘Till next time!

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