The day had come for us to finally leave Hollywood and make our way to the desert, birthplace of an entire genre of music. Amazing music. We loaded up and tried to clean as best we could. The guest house was having some plumbing issues to say the least. The kitchen sink was clogged so we would do our dishes and then scoop out the grey water and dump it down the toilet. Peter really cleaned up around the house. Take note kids; being aware and respectful will take you far. Don’t want to burn any golden bridges.
    We made coffee before we left and decided to forgo food until we were close to our final destination. We ran into that little whore again as we were driving out; LA traffic. She is a vengeful remorseless bitch that will castrate you while laughing maniacally. If you only knew the power of the dark side! We had to go all out Yoda on her to escape without mental or physical injury. We made it out of the worst and got on the fast track towards Palm Desert. Peter found a cheap Mexican joint in some strip mall and we had breakfast/lunch/dinner on the label’s tab. Not bad either. Dean pulled a honey badger and got a bunch of napkins and rolled them around salt, pepper, Tapatio and ketchup packets to take with us. Road life.
    We pulled up behind the Hood and went inside for the details. Our friend Brandon basically hooked up the show with an amazing band Waxy who are from the area. Also playing was the Border Liners from Austria and Tater Famine was added at the last minute to open the show. They were a stoner/prog version of Mumford and Sons. Not sure if that’s the best analogy, but they were rad. To help illustrate how small the world truly is, while we were in Vegas for our Double Down show we ran into Mateo, the mandolin player. He stood out, being a tall long hair in a Sword shirt. They had played the previous night and had a day off so he came down to see what was going on. “That name, it sounds familiar,” he said. He had been seeing our stickers on their tour and it clicked that we were sharing the bill at the Hood. This dive circuit that we’re playing is funny. You see a lot of familiar band’s stickers up in each venue. For instance I’ve been seeing a lot of Serial Hawk stickers, our bros from Seattle. Little markers along the way saying ‘we were here.’ It’s also interesting to see how many truly awful band names there are and just how many bands there are/were in general. The ‘were’ is important here; each venue is covered in broken hopes and lost dreams. Most of the bands who put up those stickers probably aren’t bands anymore. Sort of like visiting a used record store, it can be a humbling experience if you’re a musician. And if I may, some aesthetic advice on sticker design; there is absolutely no reason to put a web address on a band sticker. If people give a shit, they will search for you. They will not write down or remember your Reverb Nation URL. Let’s get serious.
    I think most of us had some anticipation about the night’s performance. We really wanted to bring the hammer considering where we were at. Even if some of the patrons didn’t give care about the area’s musical legacy, we sure did. Waxy got on stage and proceeded to tear shit up. It was a treat to finally see the boys live. We met guitar player/singer and all around awesome human being Robbie when White Orange played there last year. They broke down and we had to set up fast as the music cut-off time was approaching. Another super amazing dude, Mike, was running sound for us. It was the best stage sound I think we’ve had all tour. It was a blast!
    We got off stage and mingled around. I went right backstage to collect myself. I pounded a beer and closed my eyes. “We were totally not expecting that,” a girl said to me. It seemed the sentiment of the night. There were a lot of people there who deserve respect for the music they have contributed and are still contributing, so to receive so much love from the community felt amazing. As we were loading up I asked Peter if we could still get a pizza and he said the kitchen was closed. Balls! But then I found out Dustin ordered us a pizza in the middle of the set. Always thinking, that guy. We weren’t going to go to bed hungry and Robbie offered to put us up in his studio. And holy shit, what a studio! It was huge and awesome with a kitchen and multiple rooms and a bad ass tracking room with a pool outside to boot. Him and his friends were beyond hospitable, offering us food and drink, getting our sleeping situation set up, and just being cool as cucumbers. I had a hard time going to sleep when I laid down because my body was still buzzing. All I really wanted to do was jam in the room not 20 feet from me. But at after 5 in the morning, I guess it was time to close my eyes and let nature take over.

“Is pimping easy?”  … “Hell yeah!”


‘Till next time!


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