On Tour Forever – Day One

I awoke naked and next to a beautiful girl by a man opening my apartment’s door saying, “Oh, are you still here?” After a few seconds of cognitive dissonance I said, “YES!” “Oh, no worries, no rush,” and proceeded to shut the door. I shook my sleeping head at the absurdity of the moment and looked at the clock. 9:20 AM and I had about six hours until tour launch. As the hangover’s fangs slowly started inserting inside my head I pulled on the bottle of memory from the night before, our Portland tour kick off with the one and only Pierced Arrows. We opened the Halloween night’s show and killed. And it was also our last night inside the City Of Roses’ underbelly. A good friend offered me the best cocaine he’d seen in years (I declined) following a story about leaving the baggy in the bathroom and having a girl come out with it, one line less. Who the fuck does strange white drugs you find in a bar’s bathroom? Not this dude.

The daylight signaled the last day in Portland before we got “fuck out of Dodge.” Dean and I had to empty our studio apartments of what little we had left. Thank God for compassionate woman who bestow sweet sweet wheels to get our shit to proper places of storage, ie, basements, garages, the rehearsal space, etc. The other dudes had their own madness to get straight and then the whole band had pack and load the trailer. Getting ready for tour is hard enough, then compound it by printing your own t-shirts, getting art ready for various kinds of merch, learning three hours of music, figuring out tonal issues, learning to play with new people, fixing bugs, buying last minute shit… The list goes on and on. It became a mad dash for the finish line, with dropping off power drills and picking up freshly repaired amps (Thanks Brian Sours) and saying goodbye to girls with pretty and sad eyes. But once on the road the relief started to set in. Nothing we could do now but enjoy the jump into space and let gravity, intention, and the Gods take care of the rest. No homes to come back to. No jobs awaiting our arrival. Only ROCK!

We got to Salem over an hour late and had to scramble to set up. Without a sound guy for the evening Dustin played the role of genius audio engineer, working the board and setting it straight. We were originally gonna do three 40 minute sets but because of the time decided to do and hour and a half straight. 40 minutes in and I felt great, warmed up and ready make someone or something shake it. Now, this is a bar. In Salem. With a lot of neon and pool and blue collars. It’s not exactly fish in a barrel. But all in all I’d say we did pretty well. Actually made enough for gas and a room. Can someone get us a Motel 6 sponsorship already?

We drove the hour south to Eugene playing some Operators, drinking two buck Chuck and eating chicken strips and tater tots. Aaron may have rolled something green into thin sheets of paper, but I can neither confirm or deny that. First day completed, no flat tires, no loss of fingers or eyes, no helicopter looking for murder. I gotta say, today was a good day.

‘Till next time!

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  • Lalay

    yay! come back to Salem!