Nice to be back. Last place we left off was quite a while ago, and as such, much has happened in the mean time. What you ask? Well we recorded our upcoming full length with Brant freaking Bjork in Joshua Tree, California. We did two more legs of touring across this vast terrain of land we call America. We’ve spent some time in Portland rehearsing, screen printing, getting vinyl out into the world. Some of us made the rehearsal space a defacto apartment during our stay while others lived off the generosity of girlfriends and lovers. And yes, all of our wallets have EBT cards in them. But where does that leave us now?

On Tour Forever part IV, that’s where.

Technically, this isn’t day one. It’s actually day four. Friday we played our kick off show at the “world famous” Kenton Club with Hobosexual and our current tour mates Heavy Glow. If you’ve ever had the chance to visit the KC you’d know why we started it all of there; the pool table. Just kidding. It’s because the Kenton Club is one of the best dives in Portland. It’s the kind of place where the beer flows like wine. It’s the kind of place you’d take a girl on the first date to let her know that you party and if you’re too drunk to drive home the number 4 bus stops right out front. The bathrooms are small and the patio is big. It was nice to see the friends and family who came out to wish us off.

The next day we drove up to Seattle for what was to be Hobosexual’s record release show but they had technical problems and it was, alas, just a rock and roll show. It was our first time playing the Columbia City Theater and we were all beyond stoked on the sound and aesthetics. The talent buyer said the building is super haunted but unfortunately I didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary. Well, other than sales tax. Playing venues where all of the band members can fit on stage and monitors are adjusted correctly is something we all could easily get used to. Hobosexual ended their set playing White Christmas. In August. Those dudes rule, check ‘em out if you haven’t already.

We drove back to Portland that night and got a few hours sleep before we left the city for good and trekked off to Bend. We arrived at Chief’s parent’s house late afternoon and got in some serious snacking and sun tea. We sat out on the front porch in perfect high desert weather talking out this and that, relaxing before the show at Silver Moon later that night. Sundays are strange. Especially in Bend. There’s no guarantee that people will come out. And apparently there were two girls picketing outside the brewery earlier that day with signs that said “Respect Woman and African Americans. Say no to Silvermoon.” But all in all, it was a good turnout with good people having a good time. Concrete floors are scary because of reflection and PA feedback, but surprisingly there was little funny business with the sound. I did however see the sound guy with his hands covering his ears. And a guy told me after our set that it was the loudest show he’s ever seen there. He was very excited.

We got a pretty sweet write up in the local mag, actually a couple, but I’ll end this with a quote from the Source Weekly; “Remember the last time the Source picked Black Pussy and really offended some of our readers? Well, sorry, squares, we’re picking them again. Not because their name is border-line offensive (careful when Google-ing) but because their throwback ‘70s hard rock and extra short cutoff jean shorts will melt your face off.

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    godspeed to you fine gents, come back with stories and fists full of tits!