Dean woke up crazy early to get the van in the shop by 8 AM. I however did not get up at 8 AM. Fuck that noise! We were pretty much at the mechanic’s mercy. However, Chief’s dad is friends with him and went down and let it be known that it was his son’s band van and to see if he could extend a bro-hookup. We got the call later that it was indeed a spark plug issue and that we would change them all out, plus a coil, plus the rear differential was leaking oil and the alternator was going bad. Damn! All of these cross-country antics of ours are indeed taking a toll on the van. Better now than on the side of the road in Texas though. We left the trailer at the motel and walked to a sweet Taqueria that Chief knew about and made our way into downtown Bend. We walked by the Source’s office that was vandalized earlier that morning with soap and talked to Bri. She’s a staff writer and a staunch supporter of Black Pussy. It was the same girl, or girls, that were picketing outside Silvermoon the previous afternoon. Apparently the staff knew who did it because they got an angry email or call the last time we were featured and called her to ask if she did it. She said no but she called back later and confessed. Funny, in all the places we’ve played it’s Bend, Oregon with the win. I love the haters. I love that people have the time to go out of their way to crusade against rock and roll. I don’t think they get the fact that all they’re doing is helping our cause; exposure. So please, keep it up!

     We stopped in Ranch Records and drooled over some delicious vinyl. I saw Jailbreak. I almost bought it. We hung around a coffee shop for a couple hours and I worked online. Then we walked back to the motel where Chief’s dad had his truck waiting to take our trailer to their pad. It was actually a great night. The van was finished just after 5 and the dude hooked it up. Rick at Northgate Auto is the man if you’re ever in need of car service in Bend. We had pizza, salad, beer…caucasions. Not us, the delicious after dinner beverage I made for myself. I was tempted to use the bacon vodka for bragging rights but opted instead for the classic and went standard white russian. I forgot how fucking good those are. The Dude abides.

     They have chickens in their backyard and they’re a hoot. Cooper, the young Australion Shepard, loves to fuck with them and try to herd them around. Chief’s dad found an old box of Chicken in a Bisquit and we all took turns feeding bits of chicken flavored crackers to chickens. Awesome. We drank Coors light, smoked a doob, and hung around the fire pit chatting under the high dessert’s night sky. Chief’s parents are great hosts and we fell asleep for the last time in Oregon on this leg of tour.

…’Till Next Time!

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